Odessa, Ukraine

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Odessa was the highlight of the trip.  The city is really cool and the place we stayed at was great.  For only $22/night, we got our own apartment by the Black Sea with a great view of one of the main attractions in the city.

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Fun park walking distance to our apartment


In the morning we walked along the shore and randomly picked some cafe on by a park.  It was a great pick, the most fun cup of coffee I’ve had, and for only $1.25.  Besides the coffee, it came with a little bucket of milk, a little bottle of raspberry flavored water, and a cookie.

Most fun $1 cup of coffee

Most fun $1 cup of coffee

Since I love Mexican and the cup of coffee was a pleasant surprise, I ordered the fajitas that were on the menu and hoped for the best.  Another fun surprise, they were pretty tasty and the presentation was great.

0-2015-05-26 12.06.21

Most creative fajitas I’ve had

Black Sea

I’d go back to Odessa just to go back to that restaurant and try all the items on their menu.

0-2015-05-26 15.04.00

Lots of Ladas everywhere (Lada is a brand of cars)

0-2015-05-26 12.49.25

Town square.

Odessa was a great place to visit, and would love to go there again, and hopefully stay in the same apartment.

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