About Us

I never know what to write in an about section, so I guess I’ll just write whatever I feel like.  Let’s first start by agreeing that waking up early to so you can work 8 hours a day is probably not you’re idea of a perfect day.  Well, it wasn’t ours either.  That is what this trip, and this site is all about in a way. First I’ll give you the brief story of what lead to this trip. Then maybe I’ll tell you some cliff notes about us, like how we like long walks on the beach and stuff like that.  Here you go…


Anca and I met 10 years ago in Chattanooga TN while going to college.  Anca was very ambitious early in life.  Her goal from high school was to invest in real estate so she could quit working a 9-5 by the time she was 30, which she did by getting a job as a web developer after college and being a real estate investing freak on the side.

Me?  Well, I took the less responsible route.  First I graduated as an engineer and got a job after graduation in Michigan (responsible).  Then I quit that job after a year to drive a motorcycle across Africa and Europe (not responsible). About a year after I got back we got married and lived and worked our 9-5’s in Chicago (responsible). 

After a few years of working in Chicago we decided we were sick of Chicago.  Waking up to frozen pipes and a cold car ride to work is not much fun.  We missed the warmer weather and mountains in TN and decided it was time to move.  So we decided to move back to chattanooga within the next 12 months.

italy-pic-2But if we are going to quit our jobs and move to a different state, why not take 6 months off to go to Romania and visit her grandparents and do some traveling around Europe in between?  Especially since she lived with her grandparents for 12 years and we’ve talked about doing this since college. I mean, it only sense…right? 

We ended up changing our plans, we would save up some money on the side for a year, then take 6 months off during the summer to go to Romania.  When we come back we’ll move to Chattanooga.  Pretty simple.

 So that leads us to this point.  We are quitting work and doing what we want.

Now I’ll tell you a bit about us…

weddingWe first started dating in 2006 and got married in 2012.  We both love traveling and have done as much as we could with the vacation time we had.  We did manage to see several new countries each year and have a blast in the process.

 We also both enjoy learning, entrepreneurship and investing.  I will admit it took Anca awhile to get me into that mindset and I am so glad she did.  Now we are constantly listening to audiobooks and podcasts of all sorts, learning as much as we can.

I think that is a good enough for an about section.  If you don’t know us already I’m sure you will get a better feel from the posts we write on the trip, than anything I could write in this section.